the bottom line is Jesus (“where else would we go?”)


Reading Between the Lines


This opening picture -“Watching the sun rise from Mt. Sinai” – supports the story I’m telling in today’s “Wednesday video-blog.” I’ll cover some of the same ground in the written version; but this photograph – taken on Mount Sinai in early 2012 – ties in specifically with the short video. Click here to view.

Yesterday I launched an on-line discussion in response to a promotional post that landed on my facebook news feed. The item in question was – in my opinion – deceptive, because it used the title “The Emerging Church” to present ideas that reject foundational Christian beliefs (such as the existence of God, the deity of Jesus, and atonement via Christ’s death on the cross).

My comment/question was immediately removed and my right to comment revoked. “So much for intelligent dialogue and conversation about faith,” I posted on my own status. In consequence, and…

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