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In our society today we tend to take certain things as truth because to disbelieve them would warrant a person as not being supportive, being negative, and worst of all being judgmental. On the flip side of that coin, we also tend to ‘fact check’ lots of statements made by pundits, media, and the like and somehow that’s not deemed as being non-supportive, negative, or judgmental. It boggles the mind.

Now throw in the issue of someone being a Christian and things slow down like Neo in the Matrix. Why? Because so many people think that can’t be measured by anyone else but that person. Well to that I have some quizzical questions for those who agree:

Do you enjoy fellowship with God?
Are you sensitive to sin?
Do you obey God’s Word?
Do you reject the evil world?
Do you eagerly await Christ’s return?
Do you see a decrease…

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