Pursuit of God – the Starting Point


Pastoring a Village

This past Sunday at our “Engage” worship service, we began a new “Pursuit of God.” The first message in the series is called “The Starting Point.”  Listen to it HERE.
Here are some notes and thoughts from the message:

It is our nature to pursue.  We often go after acceptance, love, respect, purpose, etc.  In a similar way, we were made to worship (we are seekers).  But our pursuits are fleeting – we “beat the air” like Paul in 1 Corinthians.  No matter how loved you felt yesterday, it is not enough to conquer the loneliness of today.  No matter how rich you get today, it will never be enough for tomorrow.  Why are we always pursuing?

Because God created us for relationship with him – for his pleasure & our fulfillment (not the other way around).  It is only through fellowship with God can we have our intangible, true…

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