Our Weekend Team Huddle Template

Relentless Devotions

Every weekend we have a team huddle. I have created a template that I think works well and is a source to set up your team to have and provide an excellent experience. Here it is! I hope this helps you inspire your teams!

I.  Lead with Heart ***
One Day Story

2.  WILD  (Worship, Intercession, Life, Declaration)Prayer (turn up music so people will feel comfortable praying and speaking out loud.  You lead it.

3.  Flow of the weekend (go over Planning Center flow and walk through from the parking lot to the auditorium)  Our GOAL is to eliminate any barrier or distraction that would keep people from receiving the Word of God or receiving Jesus as their Savior
Welcome them to Champions Centre
Offer Assistance
Touch them (shake their hand)

4.  Introduce Team leads for the weekend

5.  Welcome New Volunteers and…

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