Marchgiving!! Or why Thanksgiving isn’t all about the turkey (but maybe the stuffing)

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This weekend we will be having what has become a traditional celebration in our family. I can’t pinpoint the exact beginning of the celebration but I can clearly remember why it began. A few years back we had Thanksgiving dinner away from home. As I recall, it was a lovely dinner and all the food was delicious. My husband, however, was unhappy with how the stuffing was prepared. For some reason he is very particular about Thanksgiving stuffing. He only likes my stuffing. To me this is a little strange because while I think my stuffing is pretty good, I don’t think it’s the best dish that I prepare. If he was talking about my mashed potatoes or my banana bread or my apple pie or several other dishes that I make I could understand his problem, but for him it’s all about the stuffing.

Please understand, my husband is…

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