Just A Touch


I had a dream of You last night
What an honor to behold such a sight
To see You, my LORD, in glory
To watch and listen as you told story after story
Of how You healed and taught and lead
And how You died and rose from the dead
There I sat in wonder and awe
Yearning to reach out and touch my LORD
You sensed my longing and you cried, “Reach out for my hand child, here am I.”
I then awoke from the wonderful dream
And I remembered all that You said to me
Before my encounter, I would’ve dared not question, dared not ask…
But now I want more, my hunger exceeds my grasp
In pursuit of You with all I am
As this hunger, the thirst, cannot be satisfied by man
I run, oh how I run fast after you, my desperation urges me

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