By LoveLoGo on 2013-03-14


The Wheelbarrow WayImage

Many times in life we are up to our necks in busyness.  We are always on the go to make the latest sports game, church function, school event, or family activity.  We get so caught up in the rapid pace of going, going, going, and we forget that we are able to give the burdens of this life away.  Many people will try to hide these burdens with alcohol, drugs, relationships, or maybe by just simply trying to stay busier. We even can go through the loss of a close friend or family member.  During these times we are faced with the dreadful questions of “Why”, “Where do we go from here?” “How could something ever happen like this?” and yet still feel empty, left with no answers.

I recently found myself looking at a wheelbarrow at the local hardware store and the Holy Spirit slapped me…

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